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 Basic Tutorial: Pen  
 Objective: Model a pen.
 Difficulty: Low
 Required time: 2 hours ( approximately )
 Progress files: Due to the low difficult of this tutorial, this one does not have progress files.
 Language Notes: tutorial original language: Spanish - comments about the translation to info@tutorials3d.com (we will gratify your help)
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Hi! Let’s model a design ball pen. It’s an easy tutorial but interesting as we are going to use different modeling methods:

• Primitives
• Splines (lathe)
• Box modeling (mesh smooth)

We recommend you our basic and previous tutorials if you have no experience with 3dsmax.

Let’s start. Open a new 3dsmax file. Go to ‘create’ panel and select ‘tube’:

Create the tube in the Top viewport:

This is the basic object to model the ballpen, taking it as reference for the diameter. Now, create a spline:

to calculate the length just create a box with that length. The lines are editable splines, so you can access the different spline levels, select spline and apply an outline:

We’re going to model the ballpen point. It is a revolution volume, so let’s use the lathe modifier. Select it from the modifiers list:

adjust the parameters:

It’s possible the result is not perfect. Don’t worry :-) Expand the modifier tree and select ‘axis’, now you can move it in the viewport:

I'm sure it is not aligned with our tube, so go to the Top viewport and use the ‘align' tool:

As you know, we can go to the modifier catalog and make changes. For the top piece, let’s use again a spline with lathe:

Alter lathe, your model must be similar to the image:

we are to model the rest of elements of the top with standard primitives. Here are the sphere parameters:

Now select the elements of the image and apply it a metalic material. To do it just open the Material Editat and see the parameters of the image:

apply to the tube a transparent material modifying the opacity property:

Let's go with another detail. Create a spline like this one:

apply a Lathe modifier and align it to the center:

The next detail is done with an Helix (standard spline) that I've created in the Top viewport:

…and a new Helix for the top part:

Finally, add a cylinder:

and now, the last detail. Is boxmodeling time so create a box (see the image):

Let's convert this primitive to Editable Poly so we can edit the vertices, etc… Right click over the box and select ‘Convert To->Editable Poly':

Select the vertex sub-object level, we can move and rotate the vertices:

Now, in the edge sub-object level, select the border dejes and chamfer it:

Select Mesh Smooth from the modifiers list and apply 2 iterations:

Finish this detail adding an scaled hemisphere and a box:

Ok, as you see, with some methods and patience we can model easily interesting objects. We have used primitives, splines and boxmodeling (with subdivision) in a basic level to model this ballpen. Happy modeling! :-)


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