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 Basic Tutorial: Volley Ball  
 Objective: Modeling initiation with an example: Model in 3D a Volley Ball
 Difficulty: Low
 Required time: 2 hours ( approximately )
 Progress files: Due to the low difficult of this tutorial, this one does not have progress files
 Index: 1- Box Modeling Tutorial + Mesh Smooth --> Tools and Basic Operations
 Language Notes: tutorial original language: Spanish - comments about the translation to info@tutorials3d.com (we will gratify your help)
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Hi! Welcome to our first polymodeling tutorial. This is a beginner tutorial, but is good have read the previous basic tutorials to complete this.

Ok, come on! Let's model a volley ball and starting from a box!

Create a box 100x100x100 and 3x3x3 segments:

now let's convert our box to editable poly, you know, right click ‘convert to…'

Let's go to the left viewport and the polygon sub-object level. In this viewport we have to select the columns of polygons and detach it in elements, the order is from left to right (3 elements):

Now, from the Front viewport repeat this process in the order shown in the image:

and finally, in the Top viewport we repeat the previous step:

we need a more dense mesh if we wish transform it in a sphere so apply it a Mesh Smooth modifier with 2 iteration levels:

the result:

Now a little surprise. Again in the modify list, select ‘spherify':

voilá! If everything is right this modifier transforms the box in a sphere. Let's convert this ball to editable poly again. :-)

if you select the “element” sub-object level you can see how this mesh has the same elements as the original box, only that they're spherified:

in ‘element' level, select the complete mesh, now go to ‘polygon':

let's apply a bevel, if you're working with the same values as me, with 0,25 and -0,25 is enough for the bevel values:

and the result:

Now the ball has no quality enough, so let's add a Mesh Smooth modifier with 1 iteration:

To complete the model, you can create a new sphere into the ball to dissimulate the seams, also you can model a valve for the ball… the result after apply a texture:

As you see, is very easy. Hope it has been funny for you!! :-)

Continue training with your own models!!


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