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Index of tutorial
Star Wars Pack
AT AT Walker
Lesson 1 Preliminary
• Placing the reference images
Lesson 2 Modeling the body (I)
• Polygonal modeling using a box. Editable poly
Lesson 3 Modeling the body (II)
• Symmetry modifier. Polygon segmentation tools.
Lesson 4 Modeling the body (III)
• Polygonal modeling techniques: edges.
Lesson 5 Modeling the body (IV)
• Polygonal modeling techniques.
Lesson 6 Modeling the body (V)
• Polygonal modeling techniques: central area details.
Lesson 7 Modeling the body (VI)
• Polygonal modeling techniques: central area details.
Lesson 8 Modeling the body (VII)
• Polygonal modeling techniques: back area details.
Lesson 9 Modeling the body (VIII)
• More details.
Lesson 10 Transmission (I)
• Splines modeling.
Lesson 11 Transmission (II)
• Moors modeling.
Lesson 12 Transmission (III)
• Legs modeling.
Lesson 13 Transmission (IV)
• Legs modeling. Boolean operations using splines.
Lesson 14 Transmission (V)
• Legs modeling. Boolean operations using polygons.
Lesson 15 Transmission (VI)
• Modeling the base.
Lesson 16 Transmission (VII)
• Polygonal modeling: base details
Lesson 17 Transmission (VIII)
• Polygonal modeling: modeling the base joint.
Lesson 18 Transmission (IX)
• Polygonal modeling: modeling the base joint. Arrays.
Lesson 19 Transmission (X)
•Legs modeling.
Lesson 20 Transmission (XI)
• Legs joint.
Lesson 21 Back area (I)
• Back area new details. Polygonal modeling using a spline.
Lesson 22 Back area (II)
• Back area new details.
Lesson 23 Back area (III)
• Back area final details.
Lesson 24 Neck
• Neck modeling. Turn modifier.
Lesson 25 Head (I)
• Basic structure using a box.
Lesson 26 Head (II)
• Lateral details.
Lesson 27 Head (III)
• Frontal area details.
Lesson 28 Head (IV)
• Modeling the main guns
Lesson 29 Head (V)
• Lateral gun base.
Lesson 30 Head (VI)
• Lateral gun modeling.
Lesson 31 Head (VII)
• New details.
Lesson 32 Head (VIII)
• Top area details.
Lesson 33 Head (IX)
• Final details
Battle Droid
Lesson 1 Head
• Modeling techniques with editable poly
• Meshsmooth modifier
• Bend modifier
• Splines modeling. Extrude
Lesson 2 Neck
• Modeling with editable poly
• Pivot points
Lesson 3 Body
• Modeling with editable poly
• Circular Array
Lesson 4 Hip
• Modeling with editable poly
• Modeling with splines. Lathe modifier
Lesson 5 Arms
• Modeling with editable poly
• Hierarchy
Lesson 6 Pack
• Modeling with editable poly
Lesson 7 Legs
• Modeling with splines. Lathe and extrude
• Modeling with editable poly
Naboo Fighter
Lesson 1Preliminary
• Reference images positioning
Lesson 2 Motor modeling
• Conversion from primitives to editable-poly
• Editable poly modeling techniques
• Meshsmooth modifier
Lesson 3Motor modeling (II)
• Modeling techniques for editable poly
Lesson 4 Body
• Modeling with splines
• Surface modifier
Lesson 5 Body (II)
• Polygonal modeling
• Symmetry modifier
Lesson 6 Body (III)
• Last steps for finishing the body
Lesson 7 Modeling of the wings
Lesson 8 Details
• Laser tubes
• Mechanic unit R2
• Mapping of the naboo
• Extra: materials editor
• Creation of a nebula for a spatial scene
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 Lessons: 96
 Detail images: 2420
 Progress files: 152
 Model vertices: 679530
 Posted date: 28/04/2009
 Aprox. duration: 22-29 days
 Online Access: YES
modeling 150 $US (96 lesso.)
Currency:  Euros - US Dollars
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