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 3D links: analysis of the most useful 3D web sites  
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The main webs about 3D, with an analysis of contain actualization, quality and other important features. We hope it will be useful for you:

 Links - 3D design
  Updated: 01/12/2007
NOMBRE: global3D-arts
Description: Global 3D Arts has been working in this way with architects and developers for over 20 years. Our artists have over a decade of experience working with architects and developers in architectural animation, rendering, and in building scale models.
Services: 3d Architectural Renderings
Language: English Country: USA
Actualization: Weekly
Contact: partners@global3darts.com
Outstanding: Global 3d Arts: They are building scale model ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
  Updated: 13/01/2006
Description: CG India, Provides the Most Comprehensive content and daily updates for the computer graphics professionals, animators, VFx Artists, architects and designers.Use Technorati onsite search for digg-in the huge archives of cg india!!
Services: Eye Animation, Human Body Animation, Anatomy Animation, Animated 3DS , Max Plugin
Language: English Country: India
Actualization: Every day
Contact: cgindia@gmail.com
Outstanding: -- ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
  Updated: 12/10/2004
NOMBRE: autocadmagazine
Description: Auto Cad Magazine WEB SITE
Services: Contain of the magazine, news, resources, services, etc.
Language: Spanish Country: Spain
Actualization: Every 2 months
Contact: --
Outstanding: Web site of one of the more important CAD pub ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
  Updated: 15/08/2004
NOMBRE: 3D Total
Description: Web with information about the last news in the 3D world
Services: news, basic tutorial, 3D gallery,
Language: English Country: Great Britain
Actualization: every 2-3 days
Contact: info@3dtotal.com
Outstanding: This is one of the main 3D web sites with the ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
 Links - 3D resources
  Updated: 20/12/2005
NOMBRE: flashfire
Description: 3D models and 3D graphics
Services: Models, Graphics, Links,
Language: English Country: USA
Actualization: Weekly
Contact: info@flashfire.com
Outstanding: Flash Fire Designs specializes in building hi ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
  Updated: 12/12/2005
NOMBRE: 3d-resources
Description: Resources 3D
Services: 3D tutorials, 3D Models, 3D Textures
Language: English Country: --
Actualization: Weekly
Contact: --
Outstanding: 3D Resources.com, the place to satisfy your 3 ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
  Updated: 30/09/2005
NOMBRE: 3dnuts
Description: Your place for free models and detailed basic 3D Studio MAX tutorials
Services: modelos, tutoriales, foros y links
Language: English Country: --
Actualization: every 4-5 days
Contact: admin@3dnuts.com
Outstanding: -- ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
  Updated: 02/11/2004
NOMBRE: c4dzone
Description: News and resources 3D
Services: News, forums, gallery, contests, etc.
Language: No especified Country: Italy
Actualization: Every day or weekly
Contact: info@c4dzone.com
Outstanding: Interesante web de noticias 3D y concursos ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
  Updated: 31/08/2004
NOMBRE: low-poly
Description: Resources 3D
Services: Comments, tutorials, downloads, forums,
Language: No especified Country: Italy
Actualization: Every 7 days
Contact: roby@low-poly.it
Outstanding: -- ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
 Links - 3D gallery
  Updated: 21/08/2004
NOMBRE: 3D Artists
Description: One of the most exclusive 3d gallery on internet. Dozens of Artist which shows their works, tutorials and interviews.
Services: Art Gallery, Interviews, Tutorials, Formus, Job Center, Links
Language: English Country: --
Actualization: every 4-5 days
Contact: raph@raph.com
Outstanding: -- ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
 Links - Computers
  Updated: 26/08/2004
NOMBRE: sticc
Description: IT & communications solutions for companies. Online Consulting.
Services: Consulting, outsourcing, systems plans, help desk, infografy, web design,
Language: Spanish Country: Spain
Actualization: Every day
Contact: info@sticc.com
Outstanding: They solve all your problems with your machin ... (view more)
 Contain: Design: Actual:
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