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Fecha: 07/02/2006
Fecha: 07/02/2006
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26/05/2012 - - Add comment
Hey guys,Having a mess about with these models and thuoght it would be cool if i could get the dandilion branches/strands to move about with some turbulence. Pretty new at this so might be well off course but tried applying some spline dynamics but with l
19/03/2010 - - Add comment
very nice! I'd love to see a clay render of this bad boy.
25/04/2008 - - Add comment
24/05/2007 - - Add comment
22/05/2007 - - Add comment
It's a bit edgy.. could use some smoothning!
24/06/2006 - - Add comment
It's a fantastic work. My respect chap. Cool always.
19/04/2006 - - Add comment
mcm real daaaa!!!!
10/04/2006 - - Add comment
10/04/2006 - - Add comment
Amazing rendering
10/04/2006 - - Add comment

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