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Trish by JAMUK
Fecha: 07/02/2006
Fecha: 07/02/2006
Fecha: 07/02/2006
Fecha: 07/02/2006
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27/05/2012 - - Add comment
Any idea how they did the funky spahare shaeps i see the used Sweep NURBS, but how do you make funky shaeps like these ?The second thing is that cut-out in one of the sphares the ornament how do you cut like this inside object? boole will do the trick
07/08/2010 - - Add comment
19/09/2009 - - Add comment
you sound like a dick!
19/09/2009 - - Add comment
why don't you model them then
20/02/2008 - - Add comment
you call this hair i got pubes that look better than this...get a LIFE!!!

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