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Armored Personal Unit by endora
Fecha: 29/04/2005
Fecha: 29/04/2005
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12/03/2009 - Rob16218 - Add comment
The lighting and texturing in this image looks almost hyper-real and ultra-convincing. Strangely the metalic quality has a hint of plastic to it - was this deliberate?
29/04/2008 - - Add comment
moslem.station@yahoo.com For 3d
29/04/2008 - - Add comment
09/04/2008 - - Add comment
wow nice
09/04/2008 - - Add comment
oh its verey goooooood wow
18/03/2008 - - Add comment
OMG.. nice job there, i like it, just as the same as the A.P.U in Matrix. Oh yeah btw, why did the APU in the matrix look so different to the ones in the Animatrix?? yeah thanks.
18/04/2007 - - Add comment
Just joking!! Excellent work, especially on the textures. Would be nice to see a pilot and some animation for this.
18/04/2007 - - Add comment
So how was the 3d Palace tutorial then?
08/04/2007 - Saj - Add comment
Allah Bless Ur work Boy......That wht i can say....ID..KEWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..really Fatafati. Fatafati=Excellent..Sajib..Bangladesh
25/10/2006 - Jaysuke - Add comment
Good Lord!! What detail.
27/08/2006 - - Add comment
OMG nice!
19/04/2006 - rakib4318 - Add comment
good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19/01/2006 - - Add comment
wow how long did this take
19/01/2006 - - Add comment
wow how long did this tae
11/10/2005 - - Add comment
Incredible detail. Could use some color. Great job
10/08/2005 - horizont - Add comment

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