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Blueprints list of the Marc: HYUNDAI
  Name Views Dimension Size Date Quality Votes
  Hyundai Coupe T-S-F-B 900 x 1078 318 Kb. 02/09/2003 14
  Hyundai Coupe 2002 T-S-F-B 1024 x 1659 449 Kb. 20/10/2003 23
  Hyundai Coupe 96 T-S-F-B 1024 x 1776 252 Kb. 06/10/2003 33
  Hyundai Santa Fe T-S-F-B 900 x 600 77 Kb. 02/09/2003 39
Views: T=Top, S=Side, F=Front, B=Back

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